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Precision Technologies:

Our mission is your machining productivity

Precision Technologies is a full-service distributor of machining equipment and support services in the Southeast. Our company mission is to succeed by generating long-term productivity for our customers on every purchase of machining equipment and support services. We have extensive experience doing exactly that for clients in general machining as well as machining in many specialized industries, including aerospace, automotive, construction, medical, oilfield, power generation, and transportation.

For most machining applications, productivity equates to profitability. Productivity from the installation and operation of machine tools depends on three critical factors:
  • Cost of acquisition and operation that can be amortized economically over the life of the machine’s utilization and justified for a defined task or tasks;
  • Tooling and programming to the customer’s specific machining task, as well as technical adaptation of existing equipment to new machining tasks;
  • Reliability of operation, which in turn depends on
    • Machine adaptation for ease of operator interface, and
    • Ready availability of expert engineering and programming services on an as-needed basis.
Precision Technologies is committed to assuring reliable productivity on every sale, and to encouraging long-term customer relationships, through these critical steps:
  • To offer quality equipment tailored to specific machining tasks, we represent a number of established machine manufacturers in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Those manufacturers produce machines in a variety of sizes, task adaptability, price points, and versatility. (See the LINE CARD tab above.)

  • Through a single 24-hour/seven-day contact point, we provide access to our network of skilled engineers, programmers and technicians, available on short lead times to
    • Adapt, tool, and program machines to specific tasks;
    • Provide prompt and reliable field maintenance;
    • Consult on new or used machine specifications prior to purchase.
    • (See the SERVICES tab above.)

  • We facilitate the financing function of machine purchase through the confidential exchange of relevant information. (See “financing” under the SERVICES tab above.)
The value of a machining installation depends not only on its initial cost, but on its long-term productivity. Precision Technologies consistently supports its customers’ productivity and profitability with the best machine products, technical consultation, engineering specifications, machine tooling and field support. That’s how we make a living, and we’re proud of it.

     Dan Lee, President

Precision Technologies
Innovative solutions and exacting results
for machine tool productivity.
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